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Double Injection

Double Injection can inject two colors or two different materials (ex: ABS and Rubber) in the same mold and process. It makes the cost down by single operation automatically for saving wages.

Double injection molding or 2-shot molding combines two plastic materials injected into the mold to form a single part with two visible colors. This process allows for clear windows, colored lettering or graphics or just a decorative and stylish appearance to your part.

Parts from double injection molding can be designed in arrays to reduce assembly labor and eliminate defects from improper orientation common with individual parts.

Colors are easily changed to allow using one mold to produce parts with different appearances for product differentiation.

Examples of Material:
+Soft TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer)overmold on ABS/PC hard case body /handle /knob. 
+TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) resin on PP

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+Double injected with clear plastic for seethrough window or 2 colors
+Adds a decorative and stylish touch to the front area of your products---Mobile Phone Housing or Case Technology
+Used on telecom settop boxes/PC terminal
+For Computer or consumer products
+OEM / ODM customer's design
+Main OEM customers:Set top box, Audio, Telecom, Notebook, Terminal PC makers,  Game, Handle tool, instrument, Hand held C&C, PDA, e-book & camera makers

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