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1. Make sure if materials are pre-dried
2. Lower the rate of applying recycled materials
3. Lower melting temperature
4. Check if materials are mixed-up

Weld line

1. Increase injection speed and pressure
2. Increase holes of air in weld lines
3. Provide spaces for overflowing in weld lines
4. Extend temperature-fixing time


Silver streaks

1. Make sure if materials are pre-dried
2. Check if materials are contaminated
3. Lower the temperature of spray pipe
4. Increase molding temperature
5. Reduce injection speed and back pressure
6. Lower the temperature of row materials
7. Enlarge injection hole
8. Shorter injection cycle



1. Check if mold is closed properly
2. Check the position of fixed-plate
3. Reduce injection pressure and injection speed or back pressure
4. Increase mold clamping force
5. Reduce temperature of plastic material
6. Shorten pressure-fixing time and injection pressuring time


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